Friday's weather map looked almost identical to Thursday's. We remained sandwiched between high pressure to our north and low pressure over upstate New York. The easterly wind around the high made for another chilly day in Portland with a high temperature of only 68. That made Friday the 11th consecutive day to average out below normal. If you're tired of all this cool weather I have some good news.

The high is expected to slowly sink southward over the next 24 hours and suppress the low southward. This should lead to a little more sunshine on Saturday and slightly warmer temperatures. It won't be a perfect day but better than Friday. By Sunday the high will have taken full control of our weather bringing more sunshine and temperatures closer to normal.

The high is expected to continue sinking southward on Monday setting up a return flow of very mild air into New England. This most likely will turn out to be the warmest weather we've had all month with temperatures climbing well into the 80s over the interior and staying close to 80 near the coast. The heat will be on until Thursday at which point a cold front will be headed our way.

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