(NBCNC) -30-million Americans have already voted - the rest get a chance today. After two years and two billion dollars spent to get your vote, polls open across the nation this morning.

This morning, in Cincinnati, Ohio, the local paper headline says "it's all up to us." Ohio may be important - but it's not the first to vote.

For the first time ever - and with its lowest turnout in almost 50 years -- a tie this morning in tiny Dixville Notch. Just after midnight, they cast five votes for President Obama, five for Governor Romney.

A few hours south in Manchester, Governor Romney ends his campaign. "These last months of our campaign have seen the gathering of strength of a real movement across this country. It's evident in the size of these crowds like this tonight--my goodness. And I understand that there a few thousand people outdoors who couldn't get in too," said the former Governor.

After voting near Boston this morning, the governor hits the road again, thanking campaign workers in Pennsylvania and Ohio, two key states he hopes to win.

Meanwhile, President Obama wakes up this morning back home in Chicago. He plans to continue an election-day tradition: a game of basketball, before watching results tonight.

Last night, the president held his final campaign rally ever, in Iowa, where he first won four years ago. "As long as there's a child anywhere in Des Moines, anywhere in Iowa, anywhere in this country languishing in poverty, barred from opportunity, our work isn't done. Our fight for change goes on," said President Barack Obama.

The President promised a better tomorrow if elected.

That tomorrow may - or may not - begin today.

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