BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- The sister of one of the triple homicide victims was arrested Friday morning for violating her bail conditions, but by Friday afternoon she was released again on bail.

Katelyn Lugdon, Nicolle Lugdon's sister, was back in Penobscot County Jail just two days after being released. Sources tell NEWS CENTER Lugdon failed a drug test Friday morning.

Katelyn Lugdon, 19, was originally arrested after failing to cooperate with prosecution and not showing up to court when the triple homicide trial first began.

On Wednesday, Justice William Anderson voiced concerns about releasing Lugdon from jail. He decided, however, to release her into the custody of Volunteers of America due to her age and how close she was with the case. She was to reside at the Shaw House in Bangor.

The judge placed strict conditions on her release. Katelyn Lugdon was ordered to submit to random searches and drug testing by law enforcement. She was not allowed to speak to any civilian witnesses involved in the case. The judge also told Katelyn Lugdon she would not be able to leave Bangor without permission.

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