EDDINGTON, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- The plan to create a quarry in Eddington is in question after a town meeting vote Tuesday night. People in Eddington gathered at the Elementary School to vote on a moratorium that would put a six-month hold on a quarry in the town. The construction company Hughes Brothers has plans to put a 20 acre quarry on a 110 acre parcel of land on Route Nine in Eddington.

The reason behind the moratorium is that some residents feel the town does not have enough regulations on the industry, which is new to Eddington. Other concerns include the loss of property value to homes close to the quarry site. Residents wanted the moratorium to have more time to determine regulations.

The moratorium passed with 220 votes for it and 84 against.

"So, it's basically they got a hundred eighty days to discuss it, any changes upgrades, anything they want to do to it, before it goes back out to become an official amendment," said meeting moderator Gene Kelso.

The town has approved the Hughes Brothers for the construction of another quarry in Eddington, this one only five acres. This moratorium will not affect that quarry.

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