WATERVILLE, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Three people were arrested Sunday night after they were found selling drugs out of two hotel rooms at the Budget Host Inn in Waterville.

Waterville Detectives received information that a fewindividuals from out-of-state were dealing drugs. The detectives observed the rooms for several hours and saw a flurry of individuals going to and from the rooms, as well as other information that indicated that illegal drugs were being sold.

A warrant was issued and executed on Sunday night. Officers found 4 ounces of crack, as well as over 200 Oxycodone pills. The overall street value of the drugs is approximately $19,000.

In addition to the drugs, $4,521 dollars was seized, as well as $1,200 dollar in counterfeit U.S. currency. A rental car that two of the suspects were using was also seized.

31-year-old Wentworth F. Rhoden and 24-year-old Alexis Vilar, both of Bridgeport, Connecticut were both charged with aggravated trafficking in Schedule W drugs, criminal conspiracy to traffic in Schedule W drugs, and refusing to submit to arrest or detention. They are both being held at the Kennebec County Jail.

While those arrests were being made in Room 142, police were also in Room 150 where they found a female suspect who was helping Rhoden and Vilar by taking drug orders, going to Room 142 to retrieve the drugs, and returning to Room 120 to sell them to customers.

36-year-old Christina Pean-Cantor, of Waterville, was charged with criminal conspiracy to traffic in Schedule W drugs, and is being held on a probation hold for a Class A robbery. She is currently being held at the Kennebec County Jail.

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