DANFORTH, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- The Maine Drug Enforcement Agency executed a search warrant in Danforth today and located evidence of a methamphetamine manufacturing operation.

On Friday, MDEA received a call from an investigator with the State of Maine Fire Marshal's Office, whowas investigatingthe origin and cause of a fire at 34 Weatherbee Street.

This has been an ongoing investigation. The original story can be found here.

The mobile home caught on fire yesterday after the couple rushed their baby to the hospital.

During that investigation,he located several items which are typically used in conjunction with a "one pot" methamphetamine laboratory.

The search warrant to the property was executed at approximately 10 a.m. Saturday morning. Agents seized a significant amount of evidence consistent with the illicit manufacturing of methamphetamine.

39-year-old Allen Richardson and 30-year-old Tabbatha Osnoe, both of Danforth, were charged with Class B trafficking of methamphetamine as a result of the investigation.

Both Richardson and Osnoe were transported to Washington County Jail. They were both on probation, and a probation hold was placed on them in addition to the trafficking charges.

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