VASSALBORO, Maine (NEWS CENTER)-- The Maine State Computer Crimes Unit works everyday to crack down on the possession and spreading of child pornography. The lack of funding and manpower, however, causes them to struggle.

While trying to catch child predators, they said one major issue is victims falling through the cracks. In order to change this, Lt. Lang has come up with a way to empower citizens and help find these child victims.

Lieutenant Glenn Lang with the computer crimes unit said, "It's always in the back of your mind. No one is finding the children in these pictures or videos, and that child is still going through it. In some cases, no one is even looking for them."

Lang created the Child Victim Identification and Rescue Network or CVIRN. It is a non-profit that will be made up of concerned citizens, and operate outside of law enforcement.

Lang will remain on the computer task force, but also help run the new non-profit.

"The people working the nonprofit don't actually have to be exposed to child pornography all they are being exposed to is the background images," Lang said.

The volunteers will be looking for clues in the background to help identify the location of the children. The images of the children will be blurred.

According to Lang, everyone has a skill that would help bring more children to safety, they just need to be willing to volunteer their time.

Dawn Ego works for the task force and will be volunteering with CVIRN.Ego said, "Just because I am front line, I see these children day in and day out become sexually assaulted, physically assaulted, with tears down their faces. I can't see doing anything more important than doing this work."

One of the advantages to being a non-profit is that CVIRN can accept donations,which is something a law enforcement agency like the Computer Crimes Task Force cannot legally do.

Anyone interested in joining CVIRN or making a donation can find more information on their website.

Any applicants who want to participate will go through an extensive background check to make sure they are the right fit.

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