PROSPECT, Maine - (NEWS CENTER) -- The Penobscot Narrows Bridge will be closed until at least Monday morning after reports of large chunks of ice falling off the cables and damaging cars.

County dispatcherssay that there has already been "reportable damage" to some vehicles from the falling ice. At least "5 or 6 vehicles" have already been damaged, and according to a MDOT supervisor on scene "2 cars completely totaled" by the falling ice. Luckily there have been no injuries resulting from the ice.

The MDOT spokesperson Ted Talbot says the bridge will be closed through Monday morning. Talbot says approximately 70% of the ice is off the guide wires at this point. There is some concern by the DOT that allowing vehicles to cross overnight could lodge the existing ice loose and possibly cause serious injury. Talbot says the DOT will reassess the situation in the morning.

Officials are asking motorists to seek alternate routes.

Alternate routes include: Bucksport side must take Route 15 to Brewer, Prospect side must take Route 1A to Bangor.

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