BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER) - Beal College in Bangor hosted a motorcycle ride Saturday morning , to raise money for one of it's students who lost their leg in a motorcycle accident earlier this year.

Ryan McGregor lost the lower half of his left leg in June, riding his motorcycle on Route 2 in Milford. According to police an automobile driver turned into McGregor's lane sending him head first over the front of his motorcycle.

"Getting ready for the stop light that was coming up and just wrong place wrong time I guess," said McGegor.

As a result, McGregor's left femur was shattered putting him in the hospital for around 25 days. To help him pay for his medical expenses, several motorcyclists gathered at the college for a benefit ride Saturday. Around 30 bikerstook part in the ride.

"It was supposed to be just something small and local just to give him a little bump and I'm thinking it's going to be a little better than that," said the ride's organizer Angela Parks.

McGregor will be starting physical therapy soon, and expects to have a prosthetic leg fitted within the next two weeks.

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