DURHAM, New Hampshire (NEWS CENTER) - Military leaders and politicians are trying to get a handle on the growing problem of sexual assaults within the military.

They're looking at strengthening prevention programs, improving the enforcement of laws surrounding the assaults and changing some of the culture within the military.

New HampshireSenator Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH) has submitted legislation calling on the military to rely on the best practices used in the civilian world to combat this issue. The Senator came to the University of New Hampshire to listen to researchers, victim's advocates and law enforcement officials to hear their take on how the civilian world deals with sexual assaults and what lessons the military can learn from it.

"Those are lessons that I think its important for us to be able to share with the military so we know what's working and what isn't working", Said Shaheen.

Taking investigations out of the hands of commanding officers and having them done externally, and letting witnesses who have information about colleagues remain anonymous, were a couple of the suggestions given to the Senator Shaheen.

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