PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- For the past year and a half, Luke Davidson and his partners have been working to build their distillery from the ground up.

"It has been build out, and then setting up equipment, and then figuring out the best way to use it," he explained. During that time, they also worked to perfect their process to make a wide variety of spirits.

"We are using as much of the traditional style and methods of distillation and fermentation as we can," he said.

When Maine Craft Distilling opened its doors this week, they had a rum, vodka and gin bottled and ready to sell. Many of the ingredients, including the grains, blueberries and maple syrup theyuse in some of their spirits were sourced locally.

"We are a farm to flask distillery. We are using as much of the Maine grain and other products as we can and putting them into the bottle," said Davidson.

Their Blueberry Moonshine, which will hit store shelves soon, provides a glimpse into how they hope to help Maine farmers find new markets for their products.

"So we are using a Maine grown barley to make a white spirit that is then infused with our region's blueberries and sweetened just a little bit with some maple syrup," he explained. "It is sort of like liquid pancakes with a kick."

Their carrot gin - yes you read that right, carrot - gives you an idea of the creativity and limitless potential that has them excited.

"I know, it is a crazy idea," admitted Davidson. "It is something that I thought I'd try just for the fun of it and it came out really well."

Maine Craft Distilling is the 8th craft distillery to open in Maine, and the third located in the city of Portland. The American Distilling Institute estimates that as many as 600 to 800 craft distillers could be up and running in the U.S and Canadaby the end of 2015.

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