BATH, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- The Department of Defense is notifying nearly 2,000 civilian employees in Maine that they will have to take 11 days of unpaid leave beginning July 8.

Nearly two hundred employees who work at the Supervisor of Shipbuilding office, located across the street from Bath Iron Works received their furlough notices yesterday. The office oversees the design and construction of destroyers at the privately owned shipyard and at five other shipyards across country. Employees will lose a day of pay for 11 weeks, beginning July 8th through the end of September, a 20 percent pay cut over that time period. The unpaid days off are a result of across the board budget cuts known as sequestration. Workers say having fewer employees to inspect ships could put sailors at risk while at sea.

'Most of us have family that are in the navy or in the marines, and they will be serving on these ships and it's really important to us, very important to me, that ship protects those people and the systems I oversee protects those people,' said Tom Weiss who works at the Supervisor of Shipbuilding office.

More 500 Department of Defense employees who work as technicians for the Maine Army and Air National guard will be furloughed as well. More than 600 U.S. Army civilian employees and 600 employees who work for the Defense Departments Finance and Accounting office in Limestone known as DFAS,have also been put on notice they will be furloughed..

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