BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- It was a somber day for many, as veterans from as far back as World War II walked to the USS Maine Monument in Davenport Park to honor those who have fallen.Some unable to hold back tears during the singing of God Bless America.

"Today is really a big deal for me inremembering someone who was close to us. Dave Brainerd was killed in action a year ago on Memorial Day last year, he was in a helicopter. It's a tough day for me today," said Mary Harris, a Bangor resident.

"Maine has, as a percentage, the most amount of veterans than any other state in America. There's more than 150,000 veterans, which is a large portion of our total population, and every family has been touched in one way or another by a war America has fought in," said Mayor Nelson Durgin.

That was evident in the large turnout for the parade. Bangor Mayor Nelson Durgin says there was one demographic he was most happy about seeing.

"I'mvery pleased to see the turnout, particularly families who brought their young children who got a glimpse of what it's all about," said Mayor Durgin.

"That'show we keep our traditions, passing them down from generation to generation, so it's very important to keep the kids coming back year after year, generation to generation, to never forget what our freedom cost," said Harris.

And to remember that freedom is something that is still fought for each and every day by those serving this country.

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