PORTLAND, Maine(NEWS CENTER) -- Parents and teachers at Portland's Hall School are not happy about the "F" their school received in the state's first ever school report card released Wednesday.

A rally was held outside the school Thursday afternoon, and parents and teachers said the school doesn't deserve a failing grade.

The state released grades Wednesday for schools across the state, saying the overall goal is to improve Maine's schools, and the data for the grades relies heavily on math and reading performance.

Some parents and teachers said it's unfair to simply assign a letter grade, and Hall School's grade of "F" doesn't accurately reflect the academic performance of the teachers and students.

"I wish Governor LePage had actually come out and seen Hall and talked to our parents, wonderful teachers, and administrators, rather than just simply looking at a test score and throwing a grade on it," Hall School parent and volunteer Jennifer Tuchinsky said at the rally.

"We don't think it's fair," Tuchinsky added. "We love our teachers, and we just think it's ridiculous."

Maine's education commissioner said the grades are meant to be a conversation starter on how to improve schools.

The state department of education is directing people to its "data warehouse" on its website to find detailed information about each school and the process for establishing the grades. To find that, you can click here.

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