PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) - A woman from Portlandwho wasseverely injured in the Boston Marathon bombing is still in the Intensive Care Unit at Mass General Hospital, and her family is now asking for prayers.

Karen Rand's leg has extensive damage from the bomb. Trauma doctors are working their hardest to save it. Several victims' limbs have already been amputated from the shrapnel, BB's, nails and ball bearings embedded in their skin from the twin homemade bombs.

Rand is seen on the right in the attached picture and her best friend, Krystle Campbell, is on the left. Campbell is one of the three people who were killed in the bombing. This photo was taken just hours before the women headed to the marathon.

In a strange twist, Rand was carrying some form of ID that belonged to Campbell, so doctors assumed it was Campbell they were operating on, notRand...until after surgery.

Rand's family also asks for prayers for Campbell's family as they mourn her loss.

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