PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) - Both the Portland Pirates ownership group and the Cumberland County Civic Center Board of Trustees would like to hammer out a deal to keep the team here, but negotiations are described as difficult and complicated.

Portland Pirates CEO Brian Petrovek emerged from a meeting with Civic Center board members confident a long term deal will be reached, keeping the Pirates here.

"I made it clear this was a day we are very excited about and one we've been looking forward to for 13-years, where we are looking at a long term relationship on the heels of a major renovation to a building", Petrovik said.

Petrovik says he's eyeing a 10-year deal broken down into two 5-year terms. But the chairman of the Civic Center board says the only deal they discussed was for just 5-years. That gives you an indication of the differences between the two sides. A major factor complicating the negotiations is the uncertainty over revenues associated with a newly renovated Civic Center. Both sides must base their figures on projected revenues and hope the figures hit those goals.

"You have various sources, premium seating, concessions, tickets prices, naming rights, advertising, so there are many, many buckets of revenue and you have to evaluate each one", said Neal Pratt, Chairman of the Civic Center Board of Trustees.

Civic Center Board of Trustee members meet a week from Tomorrow. They do expect to take a vote on the latest proposal before them at that time.

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