BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER)-- Some people in a small town in Eastern Maine are rallying to oppose a plan to build an East-West highway in Maine.

The proposal, known as the East-West highway, calls for a 200-mile long toll road from Calais to the Quebec border. Some residents of Garland and many others turned out at a Penobscot County Commissioners meeting on Tuesday to voice their opposition to the project.

The Garland group says their concern is that the highway could run right through their town. Cianbro C-E-O Peter Vigue, the most prominent supporter of the highway, talked about how the $2-point-1 billion dollar project could help Maine's economy.

The county commissionersinvited both sides to air their views in an open forum. Garland resident Terry Crouch read from a petition he turned in to the commissioners. Crouch said,"we the citizens of Garland and the surrounding communities do not want the so called East West Highway to pass through our towns or any other Maine towns. "

But Peter Vigue said, "we would do this with the maximum amount of consideration possible. We have no right to eminent domain and that's a major issue. I want to tell you that drawing a line across the state of Maine is not the way we can go about this. It doesn't happen that easily. It is a piece at a time. "

Last year, the Maine Legislature approved having the state do its own feasibility study for the highway. It has since been delayed.

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