PORTLAND, Maine (NECN) -- A fugitive who's been on the Massachusetts Top Ten Most Wanted List for decades will finally be sentenced for his crimes after eluding police for more than 30 years.

Convicted rapist Gary Irving appeared in Norfolk Superior Court, in Dedham this afternoon, after waiving extradition from Maine earlier in the day.

The 52 year old man was convicted of three violent rapes on the South Shore in the summer of 1978.

But Irving, then 18, never showed up for his sentencing date.
Last Wednesday, working off a tip, Massachusetts State police arrested him at his home in Gorham, Me, where's he's been living for years with the pseudonym "Gregg Irving."

Irving is married with two adult children and a 3 year old granddaughter who he's said to adore.

"He was loved by family and friends that's how he lived in Gorham," said his attorney in Maine, Christopher Leddy. "it's very hard for them to reconcile as it would be for any of us."
His attorney says he was baking a cake when police knocked on his south street door wednesday night..

We told him we had a 911 hang up call, confronted him, and located the scar on his chest," said Maine Trooper Jeremy Forbes.

The scars were left after Irving received open heart surgery.
With the exception of a single speeding ticket, Irving had no run-ins with police in Maine. .

Both State Police and Irving's attorney agreed it would be highly unusual for a convicted violent offender to change his ways so dramatically.

"I can tell you from my experience in criminal law, it would be very strange to go from events and behaviors like that to zero," said Leddy.

Maine State Police say they will now begin reviewing unsolved rape cases and use Irving's DNA to see if they can link him to any victims.

"We'll review where he was for the last 30 years in Maine and looks at unsolved cases. We start today," said Forbes.

"While he's awaitiing sentencing in Massachusetts, Irving willl also face federal weapons charges at U. S. District Court in Portland. As a convicted felon he wasn't allowed to have firearms. but police found 6 rifles, two shotguns and a hand gun at the house.

Going forward police say they'll also look into how a man, who once did jury duty at the same Portland courthouse where he appeared as a fugitive, was able to hide in plain site for more than 30 years.

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