ORONO, MAINE (NEWS CENTER)-- Nearly 2 thousand students got to hear the Bangor Symphony Orchestra's annual Young People's concert Monday.

Kids from all over Eastern Maine enjoyed the rich sounds of the B.S.O. The concert was held at the Collins Center at the University of Maine in Orono. This years performance included a Bangor high school junior who won a competition to play along with the orchestra. BSO Music Director & Conductor Lucas Richman says it is great for young kids to experience a live performance because they can feel involved in what is happening around them.

Lucas says, "I remember as a young violinist going to see a performance of a professional orchestra and I had binoculars and I was watching the music go by. They were playing at the same time and I thought, this is incredible. I'm watching it live and you can't get that from just watching TV. There's nothing like being in the room and feeling the electricity of the people around you and on stage."

Director Richman says they hope they can always enrich and inspire young kids about the arts at a young age

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