(NEWS CENTER) -Candidates and party volunteers are using every one of these final hours to try to reach voters and get them to the polls.

That's especially true in the 186 races for the Maine Legislature.

The candidates for Senate District 20, which covers Lincoln County and three other towns, were typical of most Legislative candidates Monday, as they traveled the roads, knocking on a final few doors. Democrat Senator Chris Johnson and Republican Representative Les Fossel know their race is considered critical to deciding which party controls the Senate for the next two years. Leaders of both parties say there are a handful of tight races that will tip the balance one way or another.
The candidates say the voters are tuned in to the issues and, not surprisingly, the top issue they hear is jobs. Fossel says that's why voters put Republicans in charge two years ago. Johnson says he thinks people want to elect Democrats this time to counter some of the efforts of Governor Paul LePage. With the race expected to be tight, both candidates say it's crucial to get their voters to the polls on Tuesday. That means the candidates and campaign volunteers will be working their phone banks Monday night and Tuesday, to make sure their supporters actually go out and vote.
Leaders of both parties in Augusta say they're confident. For example, Speaker of the House Robert Nutting told NEWS CENTER he believes Republicans will keep their majority in the House and may increase it. Maine Democratic party chairman Ben Grant, meanwhile, says he believes Democrats will take control of the House. Republicans currently hold a seven-seat majority in the House and a three-seat edge in the Senate.

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