WINTERPORT, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Students from the Wagner Middle School in Winterport got a chance to learn about several different countries Thursday, and they did it in a very unique way.

Fourth through eighth graders from the Winterport school celebrated their second International Day with the help from some folks from a far. Twenty four exchange students from fifteen different countries visited with students to talk about their home countries.

"I'm feeling so proud and I'm so happy that I got a chance to come here and tell about my country and share my culture with them," said Aqsa Munir from Pakistan.

Exchange students used several different methods to help the younger students better understand where their from. Students learned other languages, proper greetings and also several different dances through out the day.

"I think it's pretty cool and it over all is really nice to learn about other countries," said eighth grader Tessa Dinardo.

The exchange students have been staying with host families all over the state. Some even traveled as far as Calais for the International Day. Most of them will be returning back to their home countries at the end of the school year.

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