AUGUSTA, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Governor LePage is repeating his threat to veto every bill that comes to him unless the legislature passes his plan to use the state's liquor contract to help repay Maine's hospital debt.

The governor made his statement after the annual tapping of the Blaine House Maple tree to promote Maine's maple sugar season. Republican leaders in the legislature say the governor told them Friday he would be willing to sign bills that have broad Republican support and would improve the state's economy.

But that was not his message Wednesday. NEWS CENTER asked, "Any bills that you think you will not veto, because I understand you're now saying you're not going to veto everything. Is that correct?"

Governor LePage replied,"No. Until they pays the hospitals, nothing gets done. Nothing. They know it ahead of time. If they want to use it as a political ball, let them use it, but that is stupidity on their part. The hospital bill should be passed now. We should be selling them now. We should be putting the money in the hands of the hospitals now."

NEWS CENTER followed up, "So, 100% nothing gets passed."

The governor's response: "You got it."

The governor's bill is scheduled for a public hearing on Monday.

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