BREWER , Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Dairy farmers who are upset overwhere their industry prices are at met Saturday morning to launch the Farm Labor Reality Tour.

The two week drive will start in Brewer and travel to states like Minnesota and Florida to meet with other farmers and milk processors to try to solve the problems small farmers are facing over the low prices their products are being set at.

Bob St. Peter, Director of the non-profit Food for Maine's Future (FMF), is one farmer that will be a part of the tour he says is the best way to try to get the momentum needed for change.

"Once we have an honest discussion and we get farmers and farm workers and the people who are doing the work at the table to hear what their challenges are, then we can start finding real solutions," said St. Peter.

The tour will end March 2 in Immokalee, Florida where a two week, 175 mile March for Rights, Respect, and Fair Food will begin.

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