AUGUSTA, Maine (NEWS CENTER) - Maine's Corrections Commissioner says a new prison in Windham would save the state money and help his department. But a number of Legislators say it will take a lot of convincing for them to approve the 100-million dollar plan.

Commissioner Joseph Ponte says much of the existing Maine Correctional Center in Windham is old, outdated and inefficient. He says a new facility would allow the state to take care of more prisoners and save money on staff.

Ponte told the Legislature's Criminal Justice Committee on Wednesday that building the new prison would save the state four million dollars a year.
But the democratic leaders of that committee say they need to be convinced the state really needs a new prison. Ponte says it does.

The top Republican on the committee - who also lives in Windham - says he also wants more details about the plan.
Sen. Gary Plummer says he likes the idea for the new prison so far, but also has questions about the cost and how it would be paid for.

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