RANGELEY, Maine (NEWS CENTER) - The Snodeo is one of the biggest Winter events in Maine, bringing thousands of visitors to the town of Rangeley each January.

Organizers have decided it will go on as scheduled this year despite the fact that there are 3 missing snowmobilers who are presumed dead in Rangeley Lake.

Friends and relatives of the three men are not pleased with the decision for that event to go on.

"These men are still in the water and they're planning a big party for thousands of people where they are", said Missy Morgan, a friend of the men and their families.

She says some family members were outraged when they learned the event would go on. Snodeo Chairwoman Sandi Dumont says the event will be held as scheduled the weekend of Janaury 24th through 26th. She says people from New York, Pennsylvania, and Connecticut all made reservations long ago to be here.

"A lot of time and money spent on a lot of things. I think it's best just to keep it the way it is", said Dumont

Event sponsors say they do plan a blessing s of the sleds and will distribute buttons or patches in honor of the men. Still, that does little to satisfy friends and family.

"Until they are pulled out of the water this is the cemetery plot that they're in. Would you ant someone dancing on your mother's grave? That's the concern the family has. It's just not fair, its disrespectful", said Morgan.

With less than 2-weeks to go before the start of the event, everyone involved is hoping that somehow the men's bodies can be recovered before then.

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