AUGUSTA, Maine (NEWS CENTER) - Governor LePage announced his job plan before many in the Legislature had heard much about it. Democrats say they're not overly excited about the plan.

Senate President Justin Alfond says he was given some information about it at 1:00pm on Tuesday, but that's all he's received. And he says so far the plan is thin on details, and he doesn't trust the numbers.

The legislature will need to approve the plan to pay the hospitals by borrowing money, and whatever the Governor sends them. Particularly that plan to borrow money to pay the hospitals, and use payments from a new state liquor contract to pay off the bond. Senator Alfond and Speaker of the House Mark Eves both say they want more details...and they are skeptical of the numbers.

Justin Alfond said, "we're borrowing from wall street to pay back the hospital debt. There are incredible risks when you start borrowing money from wall street and if the numbers donlt come in as far as the state of maine running the liquor business, then we're on the hook. And my first reading of it I want to make sure we look at all options on the table and not just the one the Governor has given us today."

Democrats also say they have a lot of questions about the plan to borrow 100 million dollars to build a new prison facility in Windham. Speaker of the House mark Eves wants this whole plan to be debated as part of the Governors overall budget plan, which will take months. The Governor has indicated he wants this on a fast expect a lot of pressure. That may be a big reason why he went public first.

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