Rangeley, MAINE (NEWS CENTER) - Maine Game Wardens say 3 missing snowmobilers in Rangeley are presumed dead.

The recovery effort to find Kenneth Henderson, Glenn Henderson and John Spencer in Rangeley Lake was suspended today because of the weather.

Investigators say in all 4 people went into the open water of that lake making this past weekend one of the deadliest ever for snowmobiling.

"I've been a game warden 21-years now and I can't think of four people going into the same body of water in one night", said Lt. Kevin Adam of the Maine Warden Service.

At the public boat launch in downtown Rangeley, game wardens stood ready. Their boats, equipment and dive team all set to go for what's now being called a recovery effort. In a building nearby relatives of thethree missing men waited for any news.

But whiteout conditions, cold temperatures, howling winds and rough waters would keep game wardens on the shore for the day.

On Monday wardens were able to recover the body of 45-year Dawn Newell from the lake. Her 16-year old son made it to safe ice. While searching for the woman's body wardens found helmets and gloves belonging to the missing snowmobilers. They say the 3 men had met up with Newell and her son in Rangeley before heading out on to the lake.

"All five of them left there around 7 O'clock together and entered the lake here. Once they broke out past the cove, they split and went different ways. Unfortunately both different parties entered the water", said Adam.

Wardens say it's a grim reminder for snowmobilers to stay off lakes and ponds unless they know for sure they're frozen solid and not to venture into places your unfamiliar with, especially at night.

"Whiteout conditions like we have today, if you don't know where you are on the lake it could be a fatal decision for you. This is really hard on families, no question", said Adam.

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