OWLS HEAD, Maine (NEWS CENTER) - Three weeks after that tragic plane crash in Owls Head, the Knox County Airport is putting new rules in Place to tighten security.

The crash last month killed all three people in the small plane, and it happened because the planestruck a truck that was crossing the runway at the same time the plane was taking off. The driver of the truck was following proper procedures, but airport officialssay it'snow time to tighten up those policies.

The policies all relate to cars and trucks in the runways. Airport manager Jeff Northgraves says they already require pilots and airport workers to go through yearly training in those procedures. But he says the training will now be more specific for different workers. He says all cars and trucks in the runway will now be required to have a flashing beacon on the roof, something the truck in the crash did not have.

The airport manager wants to build a road so vehicles can go around the end of the runway to reach those hangers on the other side and will never need to cross the runway a all. The committee voted unanimously for the plan Thursday. It will go to the full advisory committee next month, but Jeff Northgraves. Says he hopes to do the retraining within a month.

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