PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- If you tune in to one of Portland's radio stations this week you are not going to hear its typical rock alternative music.

WCYY will play any song you want to hear, 24 hours a day, in exchange for a donation to The Center for Grieving Children.

It's called Markathon. In the last 4 years it has raised more than one hundred thousand dollars for the center. DJ Mark Curdo spends five days straight in the studio taking requests and donations. He says the cause is worth all of the lost hours of sleep.

"I just couldn't imagine, I couldn't think about what it would be like without one of my folks," Curdo said. "And so I felt connected. I felt in a way by doing this it really shows my appreciation, how lucky I am and how much I feel for families who have to go through what they're going through."

You can request a song and make a donation over the phone or online by clicking here. The Markathon will continue through Friday.

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