AUBURN, Maine (NEWS CENTER) - Educators from as far as Japan have come to Auburn this week to learn about how to use iPads in elementary school.

This is the second year Auburn's schools have hosted a three day conference to show off what the district has learned from its use of iPads in Kindergarten and now First Grade.

Early research has shown the devices have improved both reading and math scores.

Among those taking part in the conference is Maine's Education Commissioner, Stephen Bowen.

Bowen says he can't say iPads would work for all districts, but he feels educators have a lot to learn from Auburn.

"I think supporting efforts like this are going to give us some good data," explains Bowen, "They've been collecting data about how this works. Other schools look at that and make their own determination."

Commissioner Bowen also visited with Auburn Middle School Students who tweeted the conference for class. You can read their thoughts by searching the hashtag #adv2014.

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