BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER)-- As Thanksgiving approaches, it is time for high school seniors who want to continue their education to start thinking about filling out college applications.

The Director of Admissions at Husson University Carlena Bean said there is more to filling out applications than just putting down your SAT score and GPA.

It is important to explain what extracurricular activities students have participated in, make sure the essays have correct spelling and grammar, and show what classes students have taken, because if they struggled during their first year of high school, they can still get into college.

"Often time's students may not do well in their freshman year, but if we can see improvement over the course of time they've been in high school that also is going to give us an idea that they've got the potential to succeed," Bean said.

Bean recommends students to apply for college earlier rather than later, because it makes it easier for students to apply for scholarships and financial aid.

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