LEWISTON, Maine (NEWS CENTER) - Detectives from the State Police Major Crimes Unit have been called in to assist with the case of a martial arts instructor who was arrested on child pornography charges.

Police say it's too early to tell just how wide ranging the child pornography case against Wade Hoover will become.

Hoover has been a martial arts instructor for 20-years. He owns the Kosho Warrior's Martial Arts studio in Lewiston and is the head instructor. Police say it's too soon to tell if any of his students are victims in this case.

"We don't know and we're hoping that's not the case. We do know there is one Maine victim, we're sure of that. What we're hoping is there are not others, it's too early to tell", said Steve McCausland, Public Safety Spokesman.

Hoover was arrested yesterday at the offices of the National Alliance on Mental Illness in Augusta where he worked. Police say he was using his own personal computer to send out child porn images using the offices internet connection. His employment there has been terminated.

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