PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Businesses are speaking out about two proposals that are causing debate in the city of Portland.

The city council is considering a ban on plastic foam containers and a ten cent fee on paper and plastic bags.

The bag ordinance would place a ten cent fee on each plastic or paper bag given out in restaurants, grocery stores, convenience stores, and laundromats. Store owners would be able to keep 40 percent of revenue to use toward compliance. The other proposal would ban restaurants from using polystyrene, commonly known as Styrofoam, for takeout containers and coffee cups.

Those in favor of the proposals say plastic foam and disposable bags are bad for the environment, and the ordinances would encourage customers to seek alternatives. But a group of businesses has formed an alliance to send a message that the proposals will hurt their bottom lines. They say the proposals will come at a cost customers won't tolerate, and businesses can't afford.

"When you start adding these costs in a community like greater Portland, people are just going to get their coffee when they hit South Portland before they come into Portland" Anania's owner Barbara Anania told NEWS CENTER.

Supporters of the proposals say those concerns are not based on hard facts. They say the business community has not provided the city with any data proving businesses would be negatively impacted.

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