PITTSFIELD, Maine (NEWS CENTER) ---Townspeople here are dealingwith tough economic news as at this time next year, close to 300 jobs at United Technologies Corp will be lost.

UTC is a worldwide provider of security communication services. It does video surveillance and fire security for buildings around the world. Now the company says it will be closing its Pittsfield plant effectively eliminating all 295 jobs there.

Those jobs makethe plant one of the town's largest employers. Officials in Pittsfield say they havebeen told by the company this closure is part of a worldwide plan to downsize. They said UTC is looking to lose 1.3 million square feet of manufacturing space across the globe in order to stay competitive.

"We're a very persistent community," said Pittsfield town manager Kathryn Ruth, "very strong community that works to protect workers and employers as best as possible...under all situations."

Town officials say they are working with the governor's office and the department of labor to help workers at the plant. For now the company says it will try to make the transition as smooth as possible.

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