CONWAY, New Hampshire (NEWS CENTER) -- It is one of the most baffling missing persons cases in recent memory, the disappearance of Conway teenager Abby Hernandez.

It's been more than 5-months now since she was last seen leaving school. Since that time investigators say her family has only heard from her once in a letter her mother received back in November. Now a new effort to find her has been launched over the internet.

Friends of the missing teenager Abby Hernandez have written some heartfelt letters and have put together a video. In it they tell Abby Hernandez how much they miss her and they urge her to come home.

"You will start being able to drive in April and since I hope you're home by then I plan to hitch rides with you like any normal friend joking of course I promise when you get home I'll take us a price grant you can drive us", says one friend.

Abby Hernandez was last seen on October 9th as she was leaving Kennett High School in Conway, New Hampshire. A massive search including federal, state and local law enforcement turned up no sign of her. Police still consider this a missing persons case.

The messages from her friends are personal pleas for her to come home if she is in position where she is able to do that.

"We just really want you back home because we really missed that part of our life we miss Abby, we missed the jokes. I miss you teaching me how to play some random Beatles song on guitar", said another friend.

A few days ago Abby's mother Zenya posted a letter on the website saying the family won't lose faith.There is a 20-thousand dollar reward for information that leads investigators to Abby Hernandez. Anyone with infomation is urge to call 1-800-CALL FBI.
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