ORONO, Maine (NEWS CENTER)-- Shoppers were in Bell's IGA grocery store on Wednesday to prepare for the, hopefully, last winter storm of the season.

Just when we thought spring was on it's way, winter reminds us we aren't done with the ice and snow just yet. A late season winter storm has hit the area, and people in Orono know to prepare for the worst.

"It's kind of like customer appreciation day in here. It's one of our busiest days of the year, every isle is packed and everyone is coming in buying anything and everything," says Jeremy Mcintyre, Bell's IGA Assistant Store Manager.

On snow days the staff at IGA doubles just to be able to keep up with customer demand. Water is one of the first things to fly off the shelves, the other is something you can barely find anywhere right now.

"Wood pellets. We were selling wood pellets and we could not keep them on the shelves. We were going through a pallet every day, day and a half. So, that's pretty crazy for a grocery store to be selling wood pellets and be selling that many of them," Mcintyre says.

This harsh winter has caused suppliers like IGA to be sold out of wood pellets. Other suppliers are limiting the number of bags of pellets customers can buy at once. But Mcintyre says the people who walk into his store bring different attitudes about how they deal with the cold and the snow.

"If they're a true Mainer, it's just another storm. So, they're in here just grabbing the stuff they need so they can go bunk down for the night. But then you've got some 'out-of-staters' and some college students that this is a big thing to them. They've never seen something like this so they might be a little stressed out, a little worried about driving and stuff like that. It just depends on where you're from and basically your attitude toward the storm."

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