MILLINOCKET, Maine (NEWS CENTER) --- Working with tighter finances is a problem schools in Millinocket have been facing for years. Now school leaders say they aretrying to find new sources for revenue and ways to share costs by working with a private school.

The Millinocket school district has been having talks with Lee Academy. That school near Lincoln has a vast amount of international students and is currently looking to grow.

Millinocket school superintendent Kenneth Smith says he feels using Millinocket schools would be a good choice. He says not only would those students bring crucial tuition dollars into the district butif the schools decide to join Lee and become private, those students could stay in Millinocket for up to four years.

"They {Lee Academy} have distinct advantages," Smith said, "Parents in China or other countries..they send their child to a high school...they generally like to have them stay there for four years. We can't do that relationship with Lee Academy opens up other doors."

NEWS CENTERtried to contact the headmaster at Lee Academy for comment on this story Wednesday. Staff there said he is currently out of the country on a recruiting trip.

Leaders of both schools are planning to discuss this plan with the department of education in late March.

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