BUCKSPORT, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- One in every 33 babies is born with a birth defect. For new parents in Bucksport, hearing that diagnosis was tough to take.

Baby Eli was born with laryngeal cleft, a rare disorder. It's an opening between his voice box and his esophagus. His parents say this means food and liquid were passing through their baby's voice box, and into his lungs.

New parents Benjamin and Nicole Bustard are battling to pronunciate new medical lingo, as well as battling for their son's life.

Eli's story got out, and many people have stepped in to help out the new parents with this struggle.

Just weeks after Eli's birth, the Bustard family found themselves on the receiving end of the community's generosity. Eli's parents say people donated more than $13,000 dollars to help pay for Eli's medical journey.

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