TOPSHAM, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- The sounds of a piano are in many ways timeless, especially if you ask pianist and composer Frank Glazer. He's played some of the most well known concert halls in the world and it doesn't look like he'll be slowing down any time soon, even after celebrating his 99th birthday last month.

As a young man growing up in Wisconsin, Glazer never could have imagined the success a piano would offer him. At 17-years-old he played about 272 pieces and memorized around 192 of them. An impressive start that lasted through the beginning of his career traveling the world.

"I played in Israel, Japan, some of Greece," said Glazer.

A success that eventually took him to the classroom to teach others. Glazer spent 25 years at the Eastman School of Music in Rochester, New York. From there he moved to Maine where he took a resident position at Bates College that was supposed to lastfive years, but turned into 34.

"He wants to know what makes them tick and if they're having trouble concentrating on what they're doing he wants to know what's up and he really is a councilor," said Professor of Music, Jim Parakilas.

At 99-years-old Frank still continues to play concerts and mentor students that ask for help. He credits everything from good genes, a long marriage, to great coaches for his long career. The constant discovery that happens in music is also a large part.

"If it's greater than can be performed, you'll never be bored with it because you'll always discover new things," said Glazer.

Frank Glazer's next concert is scheduled for March 15th at Bates College. For ticket information go to www.bates.edu.

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