ROCKLAND,Maine(NEWS CENTER) -- An assisted living home for elderly people in Rockland is facing an unusual problem - it can't find anyone to live there.

The Talbot Home has been in business in Rockland for more than fifty years, since the Talbot Family gave their Victorian-era mansion to the former Home for Aged Women in 1963. The home has space for six residents, and board members say the facility provide a setting as close as possible to residents' own homes, with meals served around the dining room table.

But times have apparently changed, and those board members and the Talbot Home's administrator say they're currently empty, and have been unable to find new residents to move in. They all say it's a surprising situation in Knox County, which has one of Maine's oldest populations.

The problem? The Talbot Home doesn't take Maine Care, which administrator Nancy Graham says may be a significant factor. It also does not provide nursing care, which is available in some larger facilities. But until now, Graham says, they have always had people who wanted to live in the Talbot Home.

Graham says they have contacted doctors, lawyers, senior groups and even other homes in the area to spread the word about the vacancies. The Talbot Home is hosting a "business after hours" gathering of the Penobscot Bay Chamber of Commerce Wednesday evening to let more people know about their problem, and hope it will lead to some new business. However, Graham says they have no money coming in and may soon have to face a difficult choice if the Home cannot attract new residents.

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