WESTBROOK, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- People in Maine with interests in Ukraine are keeping a close watch on the tense situation Tuesday.Russian President Valdimir Putin has been trying to calm fears of war, however citizens are determined not to give up control of Crimea.

"It's an age-old problem in the country. It's pretty well split I think in terms of whether they favor a closer alliance with the West or a closer alliance with Russia", said Westbrook Assistant City Administrator Bill Baker.

Baker spent more than a decade in Ukraine working for the US State Department. His mission there was to train police officers, showing them the Western ways of law enforcement.

"The programs that I was party to for example Invested heavily in making the police in Ukraine More democratic more democratically oriented law enforcement structure for example", he said.

Work and financial investment in that could be wiped out if Russia makes a move to seize territory in Ukraine. But Baker's biggest concern is for the people there including the police officers who became his friends and their families that hosted him.

"Made a lot of great friends there that are living this on a day-to-day basis fearing for their safety not certain what's going to happen", he said.

Baker says he's confident the situation in Ukraine will be resolved peacefully and the country will become stronger because of this.

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