ELLSWORTH, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- It took about 45 firefighters to stopa fire from spreading throughoutan historic home Sunday, which is part of the well known EllsworthBird Sanctuary.

The firefighters were able to save abouttwo dozen birds which were living fewer than 100 feet away. Officials said they are still investigating the cause of the fire. As for the artifacts inside the old home,President and Caretaker ofBirdsacre Stanwood Wildlife, Grayson Richmond isunsure what survived.

"It's amazing to see when you peak into the window that some things are there that you wouldn't of expected to survive. How did that picture on the wall make it? When the ceiling is burn't out."

Richmond hasn't been inside the house to access the damage, but he's been able tolook through open doors and broken windows. As the firefighters were controlling the blaze, they collected valuables in the building and huddled them in a small pile underneath a tarp.

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