HERMON, Maine (NEWS CENTER)-- Cars lined up outside Dysart's to stock up on wood pellets. The company told NEWS CENTER the past couple of weeks they have seen a spike in demand and it has created a sort of craze.

Matthew Pearlman of Carmel was one of the first in line and said, "It's been getting worse every time I come up. It's been progressively getting worse. I think what it is is the people who had bought it by the ton are starting to run out. They didn't realize until they run out that there's a shortage."

Customers said many stores ran out over the weekend and they were in desperate need of more pellets as temperatures are expected to drop even lower tonight.

Evergreen Home and Hearth in Brewer has also seen a spike in pellet sales the last couple of weeks.They try to keep 20 to 30 tons on hand everyday, but it depends on the number of people stopping by to stock up.

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