MERRIMACK, New Hampshire (NEWS CENTER) -- The Auburn Middle School teen who died Friday was also a loss for the Bates College community.TheBates baseball team adopted 14-year-old Kobe Huynh because he had a terminal disease.

The Auburn Middle School principal confirmed with NEWS CENTER that officials pronouned Huynh dead at the scene of the three-vehicle accident. Huynh's father, Nghia Huynh, was driving the car the teenager was in. He was arrested and charged with driving under the influence. New Hampshie State Troopers said Nghia was driving southbound when he lost control.

ABates college article said the baseball team held aspecial dinner February 6 for Kobe.He was supposed toparticipate in team activities throughout the upcoming season.

This loss comes while Bates College is mourning student John Durkin who died while studying abroad in Italy.

UPDATE: Nghia Huynh was in court Monday in connection with the case. He told the judge he regrets what happened and asked for reasonable bail. The judge set his bail at $50-thousand cash. Huynh has also been charged on one count of Negligent Homicide. Under the terms of his bail, Huynh can't drive or drink alcohol.

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