BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER) --Here's something you may not know-- state laws says that cities and towns have 24 hours to fix a pot hole after a complaint is filed, or else they are the ones liable for damages.

"It's been a bad winter for the roads and our sand and salt and ice has done a lot of damage," said Bangor City Council Chair Ben Sprague.

Bangor Public works says last week they were getting about 12 calls a day over pot hole complaints, but those numbers have since gone down after crews have been out making the rounds, filling the holes.

On Monday, crews were putting in work in areas such as Ohio Street and Stillwater Avenue...roads plagued with potholes. While drivers try to avoid potholes, the city is looking to avoid having to pay for any damages those potholes may cause. So far this winter, only seven claims have come in for damages.

"The last thing is the city does not want to be liable for any damage so when we hear about them we get taken care of right away," said Sprague.It's a state law that many not know about, so City Council Chair Ben Sprague took to social media to spread the word...receiving quite the response.

"I think people are concerned about potholes at this time of year. There are potholes everywhere, it's the height of the season so if there are potholes out there that they are concerned about they should reach out to the city of Bangor as quick as they can," said Sprague.

So public works can get their crews right on it.

"When we do receive complaints our public works team responds almost immediately to them. We do a very good job in Bangor of filling potholes. I do know that our rate of filling them within 24 hours is close to 100%," said Sprague.

But there's still more work to be done and more potholes to be filled until each one is fixed and unable to damage any vehicles.

"That's what municipal government does and I understand I drive myself and I don't want my car getting damaged either and I don't want anybody in Bangor's cars getting damaged," said Sprague.

To report a pothole, you can contact Bangor Public Works at 992-4500 or file a complaint online at http://www.egovlink.com/bangor/action.asp

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