BANGOR, Maine(NEWS CENTER)--Dental hygienists enrolled at University of Maine Augusta's Bangor campus are endanger of not graduating-- it has nothing to do with their performance.It is a lack of patients coming in and it is causing the students to come up short for their required hours needed to be certified.

Since January the school has not been able to fill their morning and evening appointments.

Senior Katie Honnell said, "We have always had a very full patient roster and the beginning of this year it just started to decline and decline. Now there are hardly enough patients for us to see on a daily basis."

Leaving some seniors hoping to graduate soon weeks behind their schedule.

Senior Cassandra Hallett said, "I actually am 40 hours behind being able to graduate. So 40 hours is quite a while it's about 5 days or almost 2 weeks of being in clinics so it's a big, drastic dip. it's not just a couple patients one or two or just a couple hours short. we are weeks short of coming shy graduation."

Now the school is reaching out and some say it is not a lack of dental care available in Maine but people just aren't aware of what's available to them.

Honnell said, "I mean you're talking about $30 for your teeth to get cleaned and $30 for a full mouth series of X-rays so it is a substantial amount of savings for the patient, but if they aren't aware of the services here then how can they schedule times to come in."

The school has appointments available Monday through Friday. There are licensed dentists and hygienists on staff to ensure every situation is handled correctly. For more information visit the program's website.

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