PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Two vacation experts visited the Morning Report Monday to share their tips on planning a tropical vacation.

Diane Jannelle, owner of Caribbean Villas of St. John, and villa manager Luciah Polius said anytime is a good time to plan a vacation to the Caribbean. The bonus of booking a house or condo is the opportunity to cook in an outdoor kitchen and enjoy an outdoor shower.

Luciah Polius said that St. John is mostly a protected area, so it is untouched beauty. This allows for exploring and activities not available on many beaches, which can be great for kids. There are many hikes and opportunities to rent a boat and sail around the islands.

Polius also said that dry foods can be expensive on the islands, so she recommends packing staples, like peanut butter and rice. She said customs is used to this and there shouldn't be any problems.

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