BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- It's something many of us have seen; our aging family members facing financial scams. TheMaine Council for Elder Abuse Prevention has implemented a new program called SeniorSafe to help protect financial accounts, end exploitation and identity theft.

Experts explained the research about who is scamming the elderly are usually family members. SeniorSafe is being launched state-wide in all Maine banks and credit unions.

86-year-old Patrick McDonough is a World War 2 veteran and he said he received a scam through a letter staying he won money from the Team of Mega Millions.

"I know about scams and I've been watching them. The thing that fooled me most was that check. They sent that check that Icould use, but I didn't think and I went to talk to the people in the office," he said.

Smartly instead of mailing the check he took it to his retirement community's front office. The folks at Sunbury Village checked intoit anddiscovered itwas all a hoax to steal McDonough's financial information.

Officals at Maine Savings said they get three to five calls a week about elderly financial scams.

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