OGUNQUIT, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Guests of The Fallsat Ogunquit resort are being treated for carbon monoxide poisoning.

Ogunquit Fire Chief Mark O'Brienconfirms7 patientswere taken to the hospital, 12 people were evaluated on scene and others have been affected.

"We do have some people that left and checked out of the hotel for the weekend... We just had one person come back and complain of some like effects of the carbon monoxide."

Firefighters measured a high level of carbon monoxide near the furnace located in the middle of the building.

"We measured 300 parts per million and usual 35 parts per million sets off alarms and we need to be concerned over that."

The building had no CO detectors but were not required to by law.
The law requiring CO detectors in all newly constructed buildings was enacted in 2009.

"The building itself is probably 20 to 25 years old. We have the service techs coming to evaluate it for us."

The State Fire Marshall's office is investigating if there were any violations of codes.

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