PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Dmitry Naida was born in Kiev, Ukraine. When he was 18-years-old, he came to America to play hockey at Hebron Academy high school.Now, he worksas a business entrepreneur in Portland but his parentsstill live a few miles from the center of violence in Kiev.

"When I talk to my Dad, I can here the gunshots and grenades going off when I talk with them through Skype," says Naida."So it's really dangerous you know and I really, really worry about them."

NearNaida's parents home,police clashed with Ukrainians who have been rioting against Ukraine's President, Yanukovich.

"Thankfully the Ukraine government didn't shut off the internet or the radio or anything, so I've had good service," says Naida. "I talk to them a couple times a day."

The President's decision to establish an economic deal with Russia instead of the European Union originally sparked the protest. And thenhestrengthened anti-rioting laws whichcaused more bloodshed.

"And when the president, Yanukovich passed that law saying we can't do that -- people went completely mental and I feel for them, you know. That's not the place we want to live."

Despite all the unrest, Naida says his parents go about their normal lives.

"They tell me everything is fine. They don't fear for their lives. So it's kind of given me hope."

Hope there will be no more violence. Ending the fear he and his brother have for their parents.

"I have a brother. He is 18-year-old. He goes toHebron Academy right now, so he's pretty much with me," says Naida. "My parents are really happy that we're not there... Because we would probably be on the streets rioting."

Ukraine's Parliament voted to remove President Yanukovich today after he abandoned his office.

The parliament says the president is unable to carry out his duties,demanding an early election on May 25th to replace him.

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